This is our generator page. As we make more generators, they will be listed here.


Fantasy Name Generator

UltiGen Black 2.0

This one generates names for characters, towns and other random things. Now with more stuff!


New Fantasy Dungeon Generator

UltiGen Umbra B 2.0

This one generates dungeons. The new algorithm doesn't generate unreachable places anymore.


Seamless Texture Generator

UltiGen Pictura 1.0

Every texture generated with this program is completely seamless, even after blurring.


Fantasy Flag Generator

UltiGen Vexillum 1.1

Need a flag for your new empire? Start here. 


Fantasy Disease Generator

UltiGen Morbus 1.0

Feeling sadistic today? Make your world suffer a little. May be NSFL at times.


Fantasy NPC Generator

UltiGen Tenebra 1.1

For fictional characters of any kind.


Fantasy Rumor Generator

UltiGen Profanus 1.0

Generates rumors, comments and other (not necessarily useful) stuff you may hear in an inn.


Fantasy Inn Generator

UltiGen Stout 1.0

An inn generator. Creates a nice description of the establishment, its neighborhood, rooms, staff and even some rumors you can hear there.


Fantasy Quest Generator

UltiGen Arcane 1.3

This generates random quest ideas which can be readily incorporated into your story.



About the requirements

The generators seen on this page require JavaScript to work. If you have JS enabled and still encounter problems, let us know.

We are also planning to release some that use WebGL (like the dungeon generator). The major browsers shouldn't have a problem with it, but it may become an issue if you're using a less popular one.


About the license

The generator pages mention the CC license being placed on the content this website generates. We want you to understand that we're not going to be strict about enforcing proper use of that content, we simply request that you credit us in some way in your work, e.g. by placing "Thanks to" somewhere. You don't even have to mention you used a random generator from this site.

Also remember that due to the pseudorandomness of the content, it might sometimes resemble existing and copyrighted works. It is not intended, but we take no responsibility for its use.