These are our games. We are working on new ones all the time.


New games:

This is the stuff we are currently proud of.


Cube Unicorn

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This unicorn is made of cubes, just like everything else in its world.



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A very simple game that's so simple some people say it's too simple.



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Like jumping unicorns? You must be really weird. Anyway, here is a simple game you might actually enjoy.


Escape from Hell Extreme

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An upgrade from the original EfH, this one tells the backstory of the main character.


Older games:

These are our first games, so naturally they will look bad and have bugs. You can check them out if you want to, but don't expect wonders.


Vlad X

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The sewers are not a friendly place. Run for your life, find Vlad and don't let yourself turn into one of the zombies!



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Like bubble shooting games? Neither do we, but we thought you might be interested to check one out.


Escape from Hell

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Play as Linda, the brave knight girl, and run through the dark and hellish lands of Havak-Kah, where demons and lava zombies will do their best to stop you. But don't give up, just keep trying!


Pirate Memory Game

Google Play 

Please don't criticize it, it was not supposed to be anything more than what it is. Maybe it doesn't make you addicted, but we think it is still fun to play sometimes. And if you don't like it that much, the in-game ads will certainly get your attention.

Anyway, you can treat it as something to do while waiting a minute or two for something else, because that's how much time one round should take at most.

You can also treat it as an example of very unorthodox programming. All game logic and input processing was done inside Unity's OnGUI() method.