Welcome to Darkest of Nights, the land of lazy programmers who don't always work as fast as they should. But we don't have deadlines, so it's still fun to do this stuff without getting too stressed about it all.

We will be undergoing some kind of major change in the internal organization in the near future. It has actually started already, but the main changes are yet to happen. Probably this website will not see too many modifications, but we plan to become a lot more popular once it's all done. You don't even have to check this website too often, we will be sure you will hear about us when the time is right. 

Remember to check out our ass-kicking Google+ page, as well as the Facebook page. And, naturally, the Tumblr blog. Just be prepared for a long dry period.

We are also present on IndieDB under the name "TotallyNotMoribund". It seems almost impossible to get an original username nowadays.